Saturday, March 21, 2015

NJ Supreme Court lets Fenimore Landfill ruling stand

"The New Jersey Supreme Court is letting an appeals court decision stand that rescinded the state's 2013 takeover of the troubled Fenimore landfill in Roxbury, where rotten egg-like smells were spreading for miles throughout town, " Ben Horowitz reports for

"In a brief order issued Monday, the state Supreme Court declined to hear the state Department of Environmental Protection's appeal of the lower court decision.

Although the long-term future of the landfill is unclear and will likely be resolved through further court action, a DEP spokesman said today that the agency's work to clean up the facility "is still going on" and will continue unless the agency is specifically told to stop."

"The DEP has capped the landfill and just a week ago, it installed a new oxidizer to "burn off" the hydrogen sulfide gas that has been the subject of odor and health complaints, said spokesman Bob Considine."

See the full story at: Ruling invalidating takeover of Fenimore landfill stands |

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