Monday, March 16, 2015

NY high-net-worth investors put wind, solar energy at top

New York area high-net-worth investors have clear preferences for alternative energy development, Kevin Peters writes in the Lewisboro Ledger.
"A Morgan Stanley nationwide poll of high net worth investors shows support for the expansion of wind farms (86% said they liked the idea) and solar energy “parks” (85%).
"Considerably fewer (67%) support development of the Keystone oil pipeline system between the U.S. and Canada. And when it comes to fracking, the controversial method of squeezing energy from the earth by pumping in water mixed with chemicals, only 48% in the tri-state approved.
"Investors in the tri-state area continue to be optimistic about the direction of both the state and national economies: 81% surveyed said they are optimistic about the national economy and 80% feel strongly about the tri-state economy in 2015. A year ago 83% felt strongly about the New York metro economy.
"A solid 75% say the global economy will be the same or improve this year, while 72% hold the same views for the state economy."
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