Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pa bill allowing wind energy on preserved farms moving

Sent to the state Senate after passage in the House on Friday was A-188, a bill that permits a preserved farmland owner with 50+ acres the access to grant a right-of-way to install a wind power generation system.

The sponsor, Representative Curtis Sonney, a Republican representing a portion of Erie County, says this of his bill:

"Under the current easement program, landowners with 50+ acres who are enrolled in land preservation may grant the use of right-of-ways for the installation of, transportation of, or use of water, sewage, electric, telephone, coal or non-coal minerals by underground mining methods, gas, oil and/or oil products lines.
"My legislation will add wind power generation to that list, within certain parameters to protect the integrity of the preserved farmland."

Similar legislation has passed the House unanimously several times in previous sessions but failed in the Senate.

Click here to read full copy of the legislation which has been referred to the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee. 

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