Friday, March 13, 2015

Wolf administration continues former Gov. Corbett's effort to attract Shell ethane cracker plant to Penna.

Acting Department of Commerce and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin told members of the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday that the Wolf administration is continuing efforts to attract and finally bring the proposed Shell ethane cracker plant to Beaver County, Jason Gottesman writes in The PLS Reporter.

“I think part of what we've done is look at opportunities to really significantly work with [Shell] going forward,” said Sec. Davin, noting the administration does not yet know when a final decision will be made.

He reported Shell continues to work through the permitting process with federal, state, and local agencies and reported all are working efficiently to consider the required permits.

“We feel confident there is a lot of continued activity and progress and we will be here to help in any way we can, “ Davin added.
The saga to bring the plant to the Monaca area is now entering its third year with the state making a number of enticing overtures to Royal Dutch Shell t win the cracker plant over a number of other proposed locations.

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