Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Jersey Highlands Counsel Andrew Davis resigns

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The top lawyer for the New Jersey Highlands Council has resigned after two years on the job, Rob Jennings reports in the New Jersey Herald.
"Andrew R. Davis' exit as chief counsel was announced by Margaret Nordstrom, the council's executive director, at the last meeting.
"Davis' hiring in March 2013, in an 8-5 vote, drew criticism from some environmentalists. Davis, two years earlier, authored a New Jersey Law Journal article stating that the Highlands Water and Protection Act was unconstitutional and should be repealed.
"The council implements the 2004 law placing additional limits on development in ecologically sensitive parts of seven counties, including Sussex.
"Nordstrom did not disclose his reason for resigning. Contact information for Davis, an attorney for three decades, was not immediately available.
"Sussex County Freeholder Richard Vohden, one of the county' two members on the 14-member council, said he was told that Davis had accepted an unspecified private sector job.
“It was a surprise. I hope we get somebody to replace him who is as good and equally balanced as he was,” Vohden said on Tuesday.
"In the interim, Deputy State Attorney General Matthew Kelly will be offering legal guidance to the council, paid on an hourly basis.
"Davis was being paid $107,500 annually as chief counsel."
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