Friday, May 29, 2015

All 3 parts in NJ Spotlight/WHYY series on gas pipelines

Existing natural gas and petroleum pipelines in the Northeast

NJ Spotlight and WHYY public radio of Philadelphia conclude a three-part series today with Are New Jersey's Protected Open Spaces Safe From Natural-Gas Pipelines?

Katie Colaneri
's written and audio report explores whether natural-gas pipelines can cut through protected open spaces, which have been set aside with public funds to remain undeveloped.

In yesterday's installment, Tom Johnson reports that there are at least a dozen pipeline proposals have been either put on the table or approved -- most of which are aimed at taking advantage of cheap natural gas supplies discovered in neighboring Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale formations. He asks: 
Is New Jersey Becoming the Pipeline Capital of the Northeast?

At the start of the series, Susan Phillips provided an overview of the gas industry's pressing desire to expedite the movement of Marcellus Shale gas to market and how its pipeline capacity problem has run up against opposition in small towns and rural areas where environmentalists and residents are pushing back. Catch the story and audio at:
Pipelines and Fracking Are Radically Altering the Landscape of NJ's Neighbors

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