Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bill raising renewable energy targets clears NJ panel

OL16Tom Johnson reports in today's NJ Spotlight:
"In a bid to vault New Jersey back into a leadership role in clean energy, a Senate committee yesterday approved a bill that would require 80 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind by 2050.
"The legislation (S-2444) significantly ramps up the state’s goal for shifting from fuels that contribute to global climate change and pollution to cleaner ways of producing electricity. Currently, the state has set a target of 22.5 percent of renewables by 2020.
"If the bill wins approval, which even proponents say is unlikely under the Christie administration, it would put New Jersey among those states most heavily rely on renewable energy.
"The question critics have is at what cost to utility customers, who already are burdened by some of the highest electricity costs in the nation. Those same objections were raised last fall when the bill first came up for discussion in the committee. A similar bill is pending in the Assembly."
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