Friday, July 24, 2015

Farm tractor lemon law bill on Gov Christie's desk

The New Jersey Legislature has handed Gov. Chris Christie a bill that should be quite popular in the farm state of Iowa where Christie currently is campaigning for the White House.

The state Senate yesterday gave final passage to A-1812 (Wilson) which extends coverage of the state's lemon law to farm tractors. [New Jersey considering a lemon law for farm tractors]

When the  bill was released from the Assembly Agriculture Committee back in February, Brittany M. Wehner reported in the South Jersey Times
New Jersey is known for agriculture and farming -- a lifestyle that relies on strong machinery like plows and tractors -- but when a new or leased vehicle is flawed and malfunctions, it leaves farmers with a big problem. 
Because farmers work around a weather window, which depends on the time of year to plow, plant and take care of crops, if the vehicle is faulty, it impacts the entire season of farming, according to Cumberland County Board of Agriculture member Hillary Barile.
"Replacement for equipment is not always available and you can't just go down the street and rent a new tractor to get your work done. Often, there is a really long, from a month to a year for a waiting list," Barile, who is also a farmer at Rabbit Hill Farms, in Shiloh, said Monday afternoon.
If someone purchases a new farm vehicle and it has an engineering defect, there is a loss of opportunity based on the weather, and that can be really bad, Barile added.

Will Christie sign it? What do you think? If interested, use the comment box below.

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