Saturday, July 18, 2015

Melitta offers recyclable K-cups for green-minded sippers

Sure those single-cup coffee brewers are convenient. But did you know that last year enough K-Cups were sold to circle the earth 10.5 times?  And none of that plastic was recyclable. Until now.

Melitta, the company perhaps better known for their paper filters, is now producing recyclable K-cups so you can enjoy your java guilt free.

Is this green alternative satisfying a market demand? You betcha. Melita says it's cup-production lines in New Jersey are running 24-7, including holidays and they still can't fully satisfy consumer demand for the environmentally friendly K-cup.

To learn more, take a sip of the video above?

Do you use an individual-brew coffeemaker?  Are you likely to buy your K-cups from Melita? Let us know why in the comment section below.

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