Thursday, July 16, 2015

NYC hopes to recycle 1.5 million tons of electronics in 2015

One million New York City residents — or one-eighth of the city's population — now live in buildings with electronics recycling, according to the NYC Department of Sanitation and Electronic Recyclers International.

According to the blog Waste Dive:

  • 2,500 buildings have enrolled in the electronics recycling program, called e-cycleNYC, with 100 new buildings enrolling each week.

  • The city expects to collect 1.5 million pounds of e-waste this year.
  • Since the program started in November 2013, NYC officials have collected more than 860,000 pounds of computers, cellphones, and other electronics.

  • The e-cycleNYC program allows apartment buildings to sign up for on-site pickup of electronics, and also offers room cleanouts, storage bins, and outdoor recycling events.

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