Monday, September 21, 2015

NJ slipping behind other states in energy efficiency

EnviroPolitics Editor Frank Brill interviewed three of the experts who participated in a panel discussion Friday on the status of energy efficiency programs in New Jersey. Held at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Trenton, the event was hosted and sponsored by NJ Spotlight.


New Jersey needs to do more to reduce energy use and is falling behind what other states are doing to curb the consumption of gas and electricity, according to a panel of experts at a NJ Spotlight roundtable held on Friday in Trenton.
While there was wide agreement about promoting energy efficiency, there was not as much consensus on how to go about achieving that goal and what type of regulatory changes, if any, may be necessary to spur new initiatives, writes NJ Spotlight's Tom Johnson, who also served as moderator for the discussion.

"By virtually all accounts, reducing energy use by homes and businesses is the most cost effective way to lower gas and electric bills. It also helps to cut pollution from power plants and emissions that contribute to global warming.

“It’s literally the cheapest fuel source there is and it brings everyone’s prices down,’’ said Rate Counsel Stefanie Brand. “I don’t understand anyone who can be against doing more energy efficiency. That said, as a general proposition, we could do better.’

"New Jersey ranks 26th in the nation in the effectiveness of its energy-savings programs, according to a ranking by a nonprofit organization that promotes such efforts, Brand noted. “This is New Jersey. We’re not going to settle for 26th,’’ she said.


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