Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pinelands fire caused by Labor Day cookout briquettes?

C'mon, people. Have you forgotten everything ole Smokey the Bear taught us over years of late-night TV public service announcements?

"Only you can prevent forest fires. Make sure your campfire is out--dead out."

The sad thing about the fire that broke out on Monday near Route 72 in Burlington County and spread into Ocean County, scorching more than 1,000 Pinelands acres, is that it might have started in someone's backyard.

The DEP's Larry Hajna said it appears that someone, perhaps having barbecued food for Labor Day, failed to make sure that their charcoal briquettes were out—dead out.

More details in these stories: 
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Pinelands wildfire caused by charcoal briquettes
Forest fire in NJ Pines now 65 percent contained

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