Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Disembowelment of the New York Daily News

Another sad day for newspapers and newspaper lovers.

"When it was over and the feature page was gone, dozens of reporters had been fired and the morning assignment editor was shown the door only minutes after handing out the morning’s first assignments, The Daily News — or what was left of it — was in a state of shock, "

Alan Feuer wrote for The New York Times:

For weeks the staff had known that layoffs might be coming, and when they did come, on Sept. 16, it was with the swiftness of a Soviet-era purge. Newsroom veterans were summoned into an office and told about a digitally driven corporate restructuring.

Those outside the building were told their fates by phone — some while on vacation. One reporter was so left in the dark that when she got to work that day, there was already an intern in her seat.

“It was not the normal thing with a few cuts here and there,” said one employee who was fired and who, like many, spoke on the condition of anonymity because his severance package had not yet been delivered.

“This was a total
re-positioning of the product.”
From The New York Herald to The New York Tribune (to say nothing of The New York Herald Tribune), newspapers have been dying in New York for nearly as long as they have been born. But to some journalists who have watched their share of these deaths, this month’s disembowelment of The Daily News seemed like something new."
Full story: The Daily News Layoffs and Digital Shift May Signal the Tabloid Era’s End 

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