Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Asbury Park Press leading charge for NJ property tax cuts

The Asbury Park Press, the daily newspaper that covers the New Jersey shore counties of Monmouth and Ocean, has launched a series of stories, proposed plans, a petition drive and a public forum all aimed at forcing state legislators to drive down property taxes.

The paper's editorial board writes: 
At $8,161, New Jersey has the highest average property tax in the nation. For more than 120 towns, $8,100 a year would be a relief. Some towns have taxes that top $9,000, $10,000, even $15,000 a year.  
Even with the 2 percent property tax cap in place, tens of thousands of homeowners are seeing huge spikes in their taxes, from several hundred to several thousand dollars in just one year. In fact, the 2 percent cap is really a 2 percent tax hike that costs homeowners $500 million more a year.

Where does the money go? Who profits from your hard-earned tax dollars? Why are people and businesses leaving the state? And why can't this tax be put under control?

How can you fight back?

Read the full story to learn what the newspaper is doing and proposing. And, unless you've already signed a contract on your new home in Delaware or the Carolinas, you might want to stop complaining and start demanding change.  

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