Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pipeline foes urge NJ town to adopt legally untested ban

An anti-pipeline advocacy group will try to persuade the Borough Council at its next meeting to reconsider a recently tabled ordinance banning all unregulated pipelines in the municipality, Steve Janoski reports for The Record.

The proposed ordinance is thought to be aimed squarely at the Pilgrim Pipeline, a 178-mile dual pipe that would cut through five New Jersey counties as it brings crude and refined oil from Albany, N.Y., to the Bayway Refinery in Linden. Such pipelines, the statute read, are designed to transport “hazardous substances” and a leak would result in environmental degradation.

Enacting local codes to preempt construction of the deeply unpopular pipeline is the newest strategy being tried by municipalities, but it’s a largely untested one in the state.The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has said it has no jurisdiction over the pipe because it will move oil, not natural gas, and that lack of federal involvement might give municipal ordinances the legal weight they need to keep the project at bay.

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