Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Democrats celebrating big election wins in NJ and Pa

Democrats solidified their control of the New Jersey Assembly yesterday, gaining three (and maybe four) seats 
in the lower house. It will be the party's biggest majority since 1979.
Brent Johnson reports for that:
Democrats picked up one seat in south Jersey's 1st District and, in the biggest upset of the night, picked off two Republican incumbents in the Shore's 11th District.  It will be the party's biggest majority since 1979.
Democrats also control the state Senate, the upper house of the Legislature — which was not on the ballot Tuesday — in a state where registered Democratic voters outnumber Republicans 1.7 million to 1 million. 

In Pennsylvania, Chris Palmer reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer that Democrats won all three open seats on the state’s Supreme Court, a “stunning result in a historic race that could dramatically reshape the powerful but scandal-plagued institution for years to come.” 
In Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, who once referred to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as "fat-assed" Dallas Cowboy loving "creep," was elected as mayor.The two could cross paths if both attend Sunday's Eagles/Cowboys game in Dallas. 

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