Friday, December 4, 2015

Career tips from a governor who learned the hard way

Former NJ Gov. Jon Corzine
Former NJ Gov. Jon Corzine broke his silence after nearly four years away from a microphone on Thursday evening, Claude Brodesser-Akner reports today for
Eschewing political analysis, he instead offered up career guidance to graduate students of business at Farleigh Dickinson University's Madison campus.
He did so Thursday evening by speaking frankly about his personal successes and failures — Corzine was ousted from both his perches at Goldman Sachs and MF Global, and lost the 2009 election to Gov. Chris Christie.
The Democrat, who once delivered a budget address that wasn't interrupted by applause even once, conceded he wasn't an exciting public figure. He recalled that The Star-Ledger once described him as being "as interesting as watching a flickering log on TV at Christmas," and when a woman asked him what advice he'd give his 20 year old self, he answered "Learn how to give a speech."
Corzine had lots more hard-won advice to offer up to his young audience and offered eight principles culled from his one-night-only Corzine School of Business and Politics.
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