Tuesday, January 12, 2016

NJ Governor weighing merits of paint recycling legislation

[Modified on January 14 to clarify program costs]

If Gov. Chris Christie signs S-1420 (Beach), a bill sent to him last night after final passage in the state Assembly, New Jerseyans will soon have a way to recycle used indoor or exterior paint (five gallons or less) under a program to be administered and promoted by paint manufacturers.

The legislation requires paint manufacturers to "develop and implement a plan for an architectural paint stewardship program that is designed to minimize public sector involvement in the management of post-consumer architectural paint by reducing its generation, promoting its reuse and recycling, and negotiating and executing agreements for its collection, transportation, reuse, recycling, burning for energy recovery, and disposal using environmentally sound management practices." 

In establishing collection sites, the plans would "use of geographic information modeling, such that at least 90 percent of State residents have a permanent collection site within 15 miles of their residence, that permanent collection sites be established for every 30,000 residents of a population center, and that collection sites be distributed to provide convenient and equitable access for residents within each population center."

Program costs would be covered by a 'paint stewardship assessment' added by retailers or distributors to the cost of each can of paint covered by the program.

Similar programs are in effect in Canada, California and Oregon.

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