Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LCV cites NJ's best and worst in Congress on green issues

** Updated to include score for NJ Congressman Donald M. Payne**

The New Jersey League of Conservation Voters today gave the highest score (100 percent) to four members of the state's congressional delegation for their 2015 voting records on environmental issues, while lambasting the lowest-scoring for being "
complicit in extreme attacks on important environmental laws and more recent progress to protect our air, water, public lands, and wildlife.”

"Despite last year being the hottest year on record, members like Congressmen (Scott) Garrett and (Rodney) Frelinghuysen put polluters’ agenda ahead of the health of New Jerseyans, safeguarding the environment, and climate action," said New Jersey LCV Executive Director Ed Potosnak

"Fortunately, New Jersey’s strongest environmental allies like Senators (Bob) Menendez and (Cory) Booker and Congress Members (Frank) Pallone and (Bonnie) Watson Coleman consistently stood up to these radical attacks,” Potosnak added.

The New Jersey scores were part of the national League of Conservation Voters (LCV) 2015 National Environmental Scorecard for the first session of the 114th Congress.
The LCV said it included "the most votes ever scored and reveals the most anti-environmental Congress in our history." 

"Both chambers seemingly left no environmental issue untouched in 2015, with assaults on the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Antiquities Act," the organization said in its report. 

"It includes 35 House votes, which ties the record for the most votes scored in the House for the fourth time in five years, and 25 votes in the Senate, the second highest number ever included."

"The good news," according to the LCV, is that the Scorecard also includes "many votes led by environmental allies who stood up for climate change science, clean energy, public lands, and wildlife protections, among other issues. Thanks to President Obama and environmental champions in Congress, virtually all of the legislative attacks on the environment and public health were defeated."

In New Jersey, 7 House members and both Senators earned a score of 91 percent or greater on the 2015 Scorecard, while 4 House members earned "an abysmal score" of 11 percent or less. The average House score in 2015 for New Jersey was 52 percent and the average Senate score was 100 percent.   (See map for scores of all delegations)

Scores of the New Jersey Delegation

Senator Menendez, 100%
Senator Booker, 100%

Congressman Frelighuysen, 3%
Congressman Garrett, 3%
Congressman Lance, 11%
Congressman LoBiondo, 23%
Congressman MacArthur, 6%
Congressman Norcross, 91%
Congressman Pallone, 100%
Congressman Pascrell, 97%
Congressman Payne, 77%
Congressman Sires, 94%
Congressman Smith, C., 23%
Congresswoman Watson Coleman, 100%

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