Sunday, February 21, 2016

Neither snow, nor rain, nor Wild New Jersey Turkeys...

The mail must go through. And surely it did on February 16 in the placid borough of Hillsdale in Bergen County, NJ. But only after two policemen were dispatched to rescue a mailman trapped inside his truck by a posse of wild turkeys who didn't give a good gobble gobble about his appointed rounds.

Lisa W. Foderaro writes in the New York Times:

"It was just one of the latest skirmishes in suburbia’s wildlife wars. Turkeys have now joined the ranks of raccoons, foxes, coyotes, bears and deer, all of which have both fans and detractors and seem to make headlines with growing frequency.

"While New Jersey environmental officials say they are unaware of anyone’s being physically harmed by a turkey, the large birds are intimidating. The state’s Department of Environmental Protection, which reintroduced turkeys to the state in the 1970s, says that there are now about 25,000 statewide.

Foderaro provides details of the Hillsdale standoff and other wild turkey encounters across the state and speculates that it all might be attributable to a sort of turkey testosterone rush.

You have to read this for yourself.  Full story here.

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