Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RGGI: The New Jersey pollution debate that refuses to die

The multi-state energy compact with the friendly sounding name of RGGI (pronounced Reggie) has morphed into a decidedly unfriendly tug of war between New Jersey Democrats and Republicans that goes on and on and on.

Under the Democratic administration of former Gov. Jon Corzine, RGGI was hailed as an innovative way to cut carbon emissions from energy plants and simultaneously generate money to support a variety of alternative energy investments and energy conservation projects.

Under the Republican administration of Gov.Chris Christie, RGGI was re-cast as a villain out to jack up energy costs, mug big industrial power users, and not accomplishment much for the environment in the process.

NJ Spotlight's Tom Johnson, who has been chronicling every RGGI push and pull, brings us up to date on NJDEP's reaction to the Legislature's latest attempt to get RGGI back in the game.

DEP says 'no way' to rejoining RGGI; Dispute may head to court--again

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