Thursday, April 28, 2016

Feds approve permit for new PSEG Nuclear reactor in NJ

This aerial photo shows the northern end of Artificial Island in Lower Alloways Creek Township where the PSEG Nuclear generating complex is located. If the utility decides to go ahead and build a new reactor there, it would be located along the Delaware River to the left of the white tank seen at the center of the photo. (PSEG Nuclear)
Federal regulators have OK'd a key permit that would be needed for the construction of a new nuclear reactor in New Jersey, officials
said Thursday
Bill Gallo, Jr. reports for
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, following numerous reviews, found that PSEG Nuclear met all safety and environmental requirements needed for the Early Site Permit.
That permit is not a green light for the utility to build a new reactor at its generating site at Artificial Island along the Delaware River in Lower Alloways Creek Township.
The permit will be good for 20 years.
It does not, however, mean that PSEG Nuclear is ready to put a shovel into the ground. Many federal, state and local approvals would still be needed.
"This is an important final step to have the ESP issued," said Joe Delmar, spokesman for PSEG Nuclear. "It provides us with a 20-year window to pursue a construction and operating license."
PSEG Nuclear has said during the application process that it was not ready to build another plant, but wanted to be prepared.
"Though we have no immediate plans to pursue construction, we continue to believe that nuclear plays a key role today and also in the future in meeting New Jersey and America's clean air goals. These goals can't be achieved without carbon free nuclear power," said Delmar.
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