Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Want to help the environment and save a few bucks, too?

 New Jersey WasteWide Business Network

For several years, we've been hearing bits and pieces about a group called WasteWise,
but we never got around to attending one of their meetings until last week.

What we discovered was an organization that is free and easy to join and exposes businesses, local governments, universities and any other interested parties to money-saving ways to help the environment through recycling, product reuse, and sustainability.

If that sounds a bit boring, the presentations were not. The audience of close to 150 learned about the recycling of worn out televisions and computers and those cans of used paint piling up in your basement or garage. They also viewed a interesting slide show of unexpected new uses for old materials--from super-sized truck tires to inflatable airplane escape ramps. 

Representatives of Darling Ingredients, located in Newark, NJ, explained how they turn used restaurant grease and animal parts into biofuel and ingredients for a variety of products, while another company provided money-saving tips on how to make your business more environmentally sustainable.

Check out  the short video we shot at the meeting by clicking the link or the headline under the picture at the top. In it, the NJDEP's Steven Rinaldi explains what WasteWise is about and how you can be notified of future meetings.  

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