Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ISIS must love Pennsylvania's gun laws, such as they are

A gun violence memorial marking each fatality in the city in 2012.

It's perfectly legal to buy an assault weapon in Pennsylvania with a high capacity magazine so you can blast off multiple rounds in seconds. No registration or permit is required.

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, is this likely to change? Don't count on it. The only gun-related bill that Pennsylvania lawmakers are poised to consider is one that would weaken the state's law governing background checks. 

ISIS must love this. They are no longer encouraging their deranged followers around the globe to travel to the middle east to sign up for jihad but, rather, to stay at home and conduct bloody attacks--not on military targets-- but on crowded civilian locations.  
Ironic,isn't it? All the flag-wavers at the National Rifle Association are now helping ISIS by blocking laws that would prevent nut jobs from arming themselves to the teeth with assault rifles and ammo.

Billy Penn has an informative rundown today on Pennsylvania's gun laws and why Philadelphia, which suffers the greatest from gun violence, can't do anything to tighten them. Read it here 

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