Monday, July 4, 2016

Link fixed: Is Christie leaving? If so, how soon?

** We apologize for the bad link in this post sent yesterday. Too much July 4 fun **

Over the grilled chicken and hot dogs this July 4 weekend, the conversation at more than
a few New Jersey barbecues will turn to speculation over the future if Donald Trump picks Chris Christie to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

And, specifically, if he does, how long will the Governor hold down the fort in Trenton before joining the campaign full time.

Here are two views:

The editor of PolitickerNJ claims: Why Christie Won't be Here in Late July - and Beyond

Bill Orr, in BlueJersey, argues Christie will leave us later rather than sooner

What's your opinion? Click the comment line below and let us know.

Ours?  We think the steaks on the grill probably need turning. Have a great holiday.

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