Friday, August 19, 2016

A first step toward a beach-access solution in New Jersey?

The environmental committees of the Senate and Assembly met at the Jersey Shore yesterday for a hearing on a new beach-access bill designed to fix a roadblock raised by a court ruling. Senate Committee Chairman Bob Smith (above) was pleased with turnout and testimony from a number of interested parties and says he will be working to address some of those concerns with bill amendments.

Assemblyman John McKeon
is optimistic about the adoption and enactment of some form of the beach-access legislation but says that a number of thorny issues involving waterfront access away from the shoreline (saved for a second bill) likely will prove more challenging.

In the videos below, representatives of the environment and business committees--Jeff Tittel of the NJ Sierra Club and Michael Egenton of the State Chamber of Commerce--offer their views.

 Also see links below to other coverage of the hearing.


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