Tuesday, September 13, 2016

As E-waste piles up in NJ, disposal costs continue to mount

Electronic waste piling up in Medford, NJ
More and more towns and counties are shelling out serious cash as they try to keep up with a seemingly endless stream of junked PCs, TVs, other electronic gear

Tom Johnson reports for NJ Spotlight:

The safe disposal of e-waste is threatening to become a headache and fiscal drain for local towns and counties.
With manufacturers stepping back from recycling old televisions, computers, and other electronic equipment, local recycling programs are finding it more difficult and costly to safely dispose of them.
Recyclers are looking for the state to help solve the problem, but so far the Legislature and Christie administration have yet to agree on how best to deal with the issue.
Barring reaching a consensus with the state Department of Environmental Protection by the middle of next month, the Legislature moved to give final approval to a bill (S-981), a version of which was previously pocket vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie.
Sen. Bob Smith (D-Middlesex), the bill’s sponsor, is waiting to hear the department’s latest recommendations for amending the measure by October 13. Failing that, Smith is prepared to urge the Assembly to act on the legislation, which once again, would leave the fate of e-waste recycling in the hands of the governor.
“If this governor wants to be the person who destroyed e-waste collection, he will have the opportunity,’’ said Smith, who agreed with the Association of New Jersey Recyclers that the state is facing a crisis when it comes to e-waste recycling.

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