Thursday, September 22, 2016

NJ anti-bear trap activist gets himself trapped inside one

I don't see him, Pop. I guess he got away

A Vernon Township man and noted bear activist was arrested last month after he got himself stuck in a bear trap while trying to remove bait, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection said.
Joe Carlson reports for the New Jersey Herald that:

Albert Kazemian, 59, was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, resisting arrest, impeding the lawful taking of wildlife and obstruction of a governmental function.
According to the DEP, on the morning of Aug. 17 conservation officers from the Division of Fish and Wildlife responded to a home in Highland Lakes for a report of a man who had gotten caught inside a culvert bear trap, the DEP said on Wednesday.
The resident of the home told conservation officers that a man -- later identified as Kazemian -- had come to her door to dissuade her from having a state-deployed bear trap on the side of her home, the DEP said.
The trap was placed on the property after a bear had tried to enter the home, the DEP said.
Kazemian then entered the device and began tossing out the bait which activated the trigger trapping him inside, the DEP said.
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