Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bridgegate: Who knew what. when inside Christie's circle?

Michael Drewniak, former Press Secretary to NJ Gov. Chris Christie, testifies in the Bridgegate trial and his answers to questions by defendant Bridget Anne Kelly's defense attorney begin to paint a picture of "willful blindness" among members of the governor's top echelon, NJTV News correspondent Michael Aron reports.   

In other Bridgegate trial coverage, Asbury Park Press reporter Dustin Racioppi writes:

An outgoing commissioner of the Port Authority [Scott Rechler] said he viewed David Wildstein, the government's main witness in the George Washington Bridge lane-closure trial, as a political operative who was a “cancer” to the agency during his time there.

David Samson, the board's former chairman and a close ally to Gov. Chris Christie, was seen as someone who regularly sought to undermine the power of the New York side of the agency in an attempt to gain leverage for New Jersey, the commissioner testified Thursday.

And those two, along with former deputy executive director Bill Baroni, were seen as a “team” inhibiting efforts to depoliticize the bistate agency, he said.

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