Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cuomo urged to sign film bill for Catskills, Hudson Valley

The Catskill Mountainkeeper is calling on its members
to urge NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill extending the state's  Film Production Tax Credit to the Catskills and Hudson Valley.

In a letter to the organizations members and supporters, Mountainkeeper Executive Director Ramsay Adams explains:

...earlier this year the New York State Assembly voted to extend the Empire State Film Production Tax Credit Program to the Catskills and Hudson Valley. This move will encourage film companies to take advantage of our region’s extraordinary natural beauty, historic architecture, and creative talent, bringing critical new dollars into our economy and creating jobs and supporting local businesses of all kinds.
This legislation is about fairness. While other counties in upstate New York can benefit from the current credit, the Catskills and Hudson Valley cannot, and we believe that the hamlets in Sullivan, Ulster, and Orange Counties deserve equal access to this credit. 
Mountainkeeper believes that a healthy economy is a diverse economy that embraces, rather than exploits, our natural resources; and we believe increased film production here will do just that.

Mountainkeeper and activist supporters like you have been strong and persistent advocates for this bill from the very start. Earlier this year, Mountainkeeper submitted a letter to the Governor requesting the Tax Credit expansion signed by over 30 entertainment professionals including Chevy Chase, Natalie Merchant, Debra Winger, Mary-Stuart Masterson, Mark Ruffalo, Jon Bowermaster, and Aidan Quinn. Following the Assembly’s vote to extend the credit to the Catskills and Hudson Valley, Mountainkeeper and our allies have been working to build broad support for it in anticipation of this moment.

Now that the bill is with the Governor, it’s time for a final big push to make sure he signs it into law. We have a narrow window of opportunity as he has until November 4th to act on the bill, so we urge you to take a moment and call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390You can leave a message by pressing 2 and asking the Governor to approve the expansion of the Empire State Film Production Tax Credit. 

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