Sunday, October 2, 2016

Forget ISIS, here's the immediate threat to NJ residents

In an era when politicians are out to promote themselves by scaring you about terrorism or illegal immigrants or street crime, there is a far more immediate--and still unaddressed--threat to your well being.

It's far easier to fix your attention on the shadowy figure who may some day cause harm with a bomb or a gun than to get you to demand that your government deal with a problem that has every single New Jersey resident today on the hook for $15,000 each.

Underfunded public pensions. Good grief, how boring. Turn on an NFL game or reality show. Don't talk to me about numbers. Somebody eventually will figure it out.

Hey, stupid, wake up. You'd better pay attention unless:

  • you like your already outrageous property taxes to keep climbing
  • you want to work a good part of the year just to pay for the pensions of government workers who have no intention of settling for less--and expect their unions to deliver more
  • your financial plan for the future hinges on getting out of Dodge and moving to Delaware or the Carolinas
  • you hope you can find a buyer for your home who is even more out of touch than you   

Do yourself a favor. During the next commercial break, take a look at the op-ed (and video) in today's Star-Ledger.

N.J. residents owe $15K per person in pension debt. Compromise is the only fix 

You really need to start thinking about this and demanding that state leaders start dealing with it.

It won't be easy for you--or for them--but what's the alternative?

We can't send this problem back to Mexico or give the police more military firepower to squelch it.

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