Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I've been counted out before, Christie tells Charlie Rose

Two New Jersey lawmakers who want the governor to testify under oath

Gov. Chris Christie is sticking with what he's said all along, telling Charlie Rose that he does not remember any member of his staff telling him about the scheme to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge for political retribution.

Now that two associates of the governor have been found guilty (and one pleaded guilty) for felonies associated withe infamous bridge lane closures, the co-chairs of the joint legislative committee that investigated the lane closures want to reconvene the panel and get the governor to testify under oath.

NJTV NEWS correspondent Michael Aron has the details in the video above.

Also reporting on the Charlie Rose interview today were:

Ryan Hutchins in Politico (Christie says he's not finished) and Andrew Seidman in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Christie says Bridgegate verdict confirms his story).

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