Friday, November 11, 2016

Video celebrates The Man Who Preserved the Pinelands

The Man Who Preserved the Pinelands from Pinelands Alliance on Vimeo.

Five months ago, New Jersey celebrated the 37th anniversary of the passage of the Pinelands Preservation Act. The Pinelands Preservation Alliance marked the event with the beautiful video above that pays tribute to Governor Brendan Byrne, The Man Who Preserved the Pinelands.

The video not only is a reminder of how the state put the Pinelands off limits to most development--a continuing threat to this day--but also offers a glimpse of the area's tranquil streams and woods. It shows you what a great place the Pinelands is to visit.

If you haven't explored the area, start making plans. Bring your children and grand kids. You and they will discover the magic of the Pinelands' expansiveness and the solitude and peace that it bestows.    

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