Sunday, November 27, 2016

Will Trump Bedminster golf club be the new Camp David?

Kathleen O'Brien reports for

He went there to prepare for a presidential debate, and returned last weekend to conduct interviews of possible cabinet appointees.

Will President-elect Donald Trump use his Bedminster golf club as his administration's version of Camp David? Or as Kellyanne Conway, one of his top advisers, called it on Twitter, #CampDavidNJ?

Trump National Golf Course offers the president-elect 434-acres of bucolic Somerset Hills scenery, proximity to New York City, high-end suites for overnight stays, a helipad, and privacy.
What it doesn't offer right now is much in the way of presidential-level security, experts say.
Experts predict security around and within the golf resort will be significantly beefed up if Trump continues to make regular visits there.
Everything from access roads to phone lines to even the maids and kitchen workers will be freshly scrutinized with an eye to protecting the president.
"We've never had a president in modern history who comes to this job with so many physical and financial assets across the globe," said John D. Cohen, of Rutgers University's Institute for Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security. 
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