Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bayonne wind turbine's repair cost still being negotiated

Jonathan Lin reports for The Jersey Journal:
Nine months after the city's wind turbine underwent complicated repairs due to a broken bearing, the cost of those repairs is still being negotiated, an official said.
Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority Executive Director Tim Boyle said on Friday that the MUA and its water contractor are still negotiating the cost with turbine manufacturer Leitner-Poma.
The MUA -- which will be dissolved as an autonomous agency and become a division within the city Department of Public Works on Jan. 1 -- originally estimated the total cost at $298,000.
But Boyle has noted that Leitner-Poma encountered difficulties during repairs on the 260-foot turbine at Oak and Fifth streets that later drove that estimate "skyward," which in turn has prolonged negotiations.
"There's been some movement toward resolving it," Boyle told The Jersey Journal this week, adding that the MUA's dissolution is not expected to impact cost negotiations.
The MUA official has previously stressed that the bearing that broke was supposed to last 20 years but only lasted three.
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