Friday, December 23, 2016

Christie attacks 'the haters' for blocking his book deal

Members of the New Jersey Senate have a group photo taken.  Ed Murray photo for
Claude Brodesser-Akner reports for

Chris Christie on Thursday night attacked "the haters" he said allowed personal animus to deny him the ability to profit from a writing book while in office.
"People are asking as if this is a long-standing tradition," Christie said during his monthly call-in radio show, "Ask the Governor," on New Jersey 101.5-FM.
He then noted that the ethics law the prevents him from profiting from a book while still in office was only passed by his Democratic predecessor, Jon Corzine, in 2008.
It was at that time that Corzine, an independently wealthy former Wall Street banker, forbade compensation for work outside the governorship but allowed for passive income from investments.
"I wonder why Gov. Corzine passed that law, when he was a former Goldman Sachs executive?" Christie asked, with mock bafflement.
Corzine did not accept a salary while governor, living off his investments.
The governor then dismissed the legislative opposition to the book bill as "just the haters" who "made it personal about me."
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