Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oyster Creek nuke station in NJ taken off line again

Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Lacey, NJ
Patricia A. Miller reports for Brick Patch:
Lacey Township (NJ) - Plant operators at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station took the troubled plant offline today to address problems with the main turbine control systems, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said.
"Exelon sought to repair turbine control valve mechanical linkages, which allow operators to adjust the valves remotely, and the unit was at reduced power during this work," NRC spokesman Neil R. Sheehan said. "However, the company has since determined it needs to shut down the plant to address the issue."
The plant automatically shut down - which is referred to as a scram - on Nov. 20, due to a fault in the turbine control system. It went back online at 85 percent power in late November for troubleshooting and repairs to continue to address, the turbine control instability issues.
The turbine is considered to be on the “non-nuclear” side of the plant, which means it has a primary role is for power production and is not directly involved in the fissioning process.
The turbine control valves regulate the amount of steam flowing into the turbine. That steam turns the turbine and generates electricity that is sent out to the grid.
The NRC Resident Inspectors assigned to Oyster Creek on a full-time basis continue to follow up on the repair work and restart planning, he said.
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