Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Pa. Attorney General axes Kane's sister, allies

Josh Shapiro after being sworn in as Pa's Attorney General - AP
Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane's twin sister was ousted late last week from her $105,000 job with the agency, part of a larger personnel sweep by the office's new top prosecutor, according to sources familiar with the decision.
Ellen Granahan, who ran the office's child predator unit, was asked to resign Friday by Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Shapiro, a Democrat who was sworn in last week, also asked for the resignations of four other staffers once considered part of Kane's inner circle: Renee Martin, Kane's onetime spokeswoman; Chad Ellis, who headed the agency's Office of Professional Responsibility; Louis DeTitto, a onetime member of Kane's security detail; and Angela Beaverson, the executive secretary in charge of the grand jury.
Separately, Shapiro's administration also let go a lawyer in the office who had accused Kane's former chief of staff of sexual harassment, and had later spoken out publicly about the incident. The lawyer, Michele Kluk, was not considered close to Kane.
Kane was convicted last year of abusing her office in a bid to embarrass a former state prosecutor she considered an enemy. She was sentenced to serve up to 23 months in jail, but is free on bail pending the outcome of an appeal.
Reached for comment Saturday, Shapiro's communications director, Joe Grace, said the office does not discuss "individual personnel decisions."
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