Monday, January 9, 2017

NJ recyclers celebrate signature of electronic-waste bill

Electronic waste that's been piling up in Cape May County, NJ
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New Jersey's recycling community is celebrating a major victory today with Gov. Chris Christie's signing into law of S-981/S-2375.
The legislation revamps the state's troubled electronic-waste recycling program and clarifies the responsibility of computer and television manufacturers to provide free, statewide recycling of worn-out TV and computer monitors and related products. Municipal and county programs, saddled with rising program costs in recent years (formerly borne by manufacturers) have been forced to pass on the costs to residents or close down their e-waste collection and recycling programs. In many cases where the programs were no longer available, local officials reported an increase in illegal dumping. The legislation was supported by a host of environmental organizations and by the New Jersey Association of Counties. It was opposed by the electronics manufacturers and by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association and the state Chamber of Commerce.  The Association of New Jersey Recyclers, a client of our sister business, Brill Public Affairs, was a prominent advocate for the legislation and released a media statement hailing the bill signing. Related news stories:

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