Friday, February 17, 2017

Maybe your kids will get to use that new bus terminal

Port Authity's budget includes $70 million to jumpstart planning process for new terminal, but completion of this critical part of project could extend to 2030 or beyond

foye and degnan
Pat Foye (left), the Port Authority's executive director, and John Degnan, the chairman of the board of commissioners
John Reitmeyer reports
for NJ Spotlight:

The Port Authority’s commissioners approved a $32 billion capital plan yesterday that includes significant funding commitments for top New Jersey priorities like the Gateway trans-Hudson rail-tunnel and the long-awaited replacement of the bistate agency’s aging midtown Manhattan bus terminal.
The commissioners also authorized spending $70 million immediately to help jumpstart the planning process for the new terminal, something state lawmakers identified in recent days as being vital to ensure that red tape — and uncooperative New York officials — don’t stall the project from the start.
But even with those steps, the capital plan lacks the full funding that will be needed to complete those top-priority projects over the next 10 years, a cause of concern for transportation advocates. Some potentially thorny planning issues with the New York officials have also yet to be fully worked out.

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