Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pa. Gov. Wolf says he did not influence pipeline approval

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

Tony Romeo reports for CBS Philly:

HARRISBURG (CBS) — Governor Wolf denies applying any political pressure in the Department of Environmental Protection’s approval of the controversial Mariner East 2 statewide pipeline project, which will run through parts of Chester and Delaware Counties.
Environmentalists immediately appealed the Department of Environmental Protection’s approval of the Sunoco Logistics Mariner East 2 pipeline, which will transport natural gas liquids through 17 Pennsylvania counties to Sunoco’s Marcus Hook facility in Delaware County.
Governor Wolf denies allegations of political pressure, but does admit that he held DEP to a timeline.
“I asked them what their timetable was and then, let’s do it. As a CEO, I was the same way,” said Wolf. “You say you’re going to do something, let’s get it done. And if you tell me you’re going to take two weeks to do it, then get it done in two weeks. If you’re going to take four weeks, do it in four weeks. That’s not political pressure, that’s actually trying to manage an organization.”
The governor says he believes DEP did its due diligence in vetting the project, which he says he supports in order to ensure that gas that comes out of the ground in Pennsylvania can be used to the advantage of the Commonwealth.

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