Sunday, March 5, 2017

Environment bills in committee in Trenton-March 6, 2017

3/06/17 10:30 AM
Aide: (609) 847-3870
Committee Room 10, 3rd Floor, State House Annex

S-2874  Greenstein, L.R. (D-14); Cunningham, S.B. (D-31)
Authorizes use of electric school buses.
Related Bill: A-4538
     Dec 19, 2016   – Proposed for Senate introduction
     Jan 9, 2017     – Introduced in Senate
     Jan 9, 2017     – Referred: Senate Transportation
     Mar 6, 2017   – Posted: Senate Law and Public Safety


3/06/17  1:00 PM
Aide: (609) 847-3855
Committee Room 15, 4th Floor, State House Annex,

A-1069  Bramnick, J.M. (R-21); Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Munoz, N.F. (R-21)
Requires DEP to establish "private wildlife habitat certification program"; creates affirmative defense against municipal nuisance ordinances for properties certified under the program. Related Bill: S-1151
A-1351  Spencer, L.G. (D-29)
Amends law concerning application, sale, and use of fertilizer to exempt organic fertilizer from certain requirements.
A-1698  Dancer, R.S. (R-12)
Establishes certain requirements for a State entity planting vegetation in certain circumstances; provides for preferences for NJ businesses providing such vegetation.
A-3031  Dancer, R.S. (R-12)
Prohibits NJ State Forest Nursery from undercutting private nurseries by selling forestation stock below average market price.
A-3403  Dancer, R.S. (R-12); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Space, P. (R-24); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1)
Designates Common Eastern Bumble Bee as New Jersey State Native Pollinator.
A-4265  Schaer, G.S. (D-36); Houghtaling, E. (D-11)
Requires certain notification prior to mosquito spraying applications.
A-4606  Dancer, R.S. (R-12)
Directs DEP to designate native bee nesting habitat areas in each State park and forest.
AJR-144  Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1)
Establishes "Healthy Pollinators Task Force."
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