Thursday, April 20, 2017

American Lung Association: Hold your nose in New Jersey

Most New Jersey communities got an 'F' grade for air quality in a newly released American Lung Association report.

Tom David reports for Montclair Patch:

No matter where you go in New Jersey, you're probably breathing in bad air. And that includes the places that are far away from the smokestacks of Elisabeth and Linden.

That's the conclusion of a newly released American Lung Association report that says New Jersey has perhaps the worst air quality in the nation. Most of the state received an "F" grade for the air we breathe.

Indeed, 11 of the 21 counties in New Jersey got an “F” rating when it comes to ground-level ozone pollution, according to the report. The New York-Newark area and the Philadelphia area were also listed among the 25 most polluted cities.

Efforts to get comment from the state Department of Environmental Protection were not immediately successful.

Read the full story and learn what grade your county received

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