Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Jersey proposes to tighten soot-pollution regulations

Tom Johnson reports for NJ Spotlight:

Fine particulate matter from factories and other sources is linked to respiratory ailments and may cause tens of thousands of premature deaths annually

Polluting smokestack
The state is proposing to tighten an important rule to limit pollution from factories and other businesses that emit a contaminant linked to many respiratory ailments and other illnesses.
In a proposal in the New Jersey Register late last month, the state Department of Environmental Protection is recommending adoption of federal rules governing fine particulate matter, or soot, a pollutant believed to cause tens of thousands of premature deaths a year.
The new regulations are designed to maintain the state’s compliance with the federal air quality standard for particulate matter, a standard that New Jersey only achieved four years ago.
If adopted, the new regulation would require major sources of the pollutant, approximately 270 facilities and about 18,000 minor facilities, to use the best available pollution control technologies when seeking new permits to increase emissions of certain pollutants from their plants or businesses.

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