Friday, April 7, 2017

Philly council pulls plug on EV-only curbside parking places

Jim Saksa reports for PlanPhilly:

In an 11 to 6 vote, City Council suspended a program that allowed electric vehicle (EV) owners create EV-only parking spots in front of the curbside electrical outlets used to recharge their cars.

Neighbors complained that the program effectively allowed EV owners to buy a private in-street parking spot—while any electric car could park in the spot, only the specific EV charger’s owner could use the outlet. That spurred Councilmembers Mark Squilla and David Oh to introduce a moratorium bill, which also makes the existing EV-only spots open for any vehicle during the day for up to two hours.
“This policy has become a vehicle for people more interested in owning a private parking spot in front of their home than owning an electric vehicle,” said Oh.
There are 61 existing in-street EV parking spaces, predominantly in Center City.
All EV owners who testified before Council’s vote said that going—and saving—green by forgoing gas was their primary motivation for buying an electric car, not parking.  
A representative for Mayor Jim Kenney said the administration was still evaluating the legislation and declined to say whether the mayor would sign or veto the bill. As a councilman, Kenney introduced the original EV ordinance in 2007.
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