Monday, April 3, 2017

Trump budget leaves NY-area transit projects up in the air

Hudson River train tunnel. NY Times photo by Todd Heisler

Emma G. Fitzsimmons writes for The New York Times:

When the new president is a lifelong New Yorker promising a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, many believed New York would be first in line to benefit from the spending spree.

But only two months into President Trump’s administration, elected leaders in New York and New Jersey are alarmed that some of the most high-profile and crucial transit projects in the region are already on the chopping block.

Mr. Trump’s budget blueprint proposed slashing a major source of federal funding for transit projects, known as New Starts grants. As a result, two long-delayed proposals could now be in jeopardy: building a new train tunnel under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, and extending the Second Avenue subway in Manhattan north to East Harlem.

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