Thursday, April 20, 2017

What happens if NJ Transit stops paying Amtrak?

Larry Higgs reports for

NJ Transit pays Amtrak $93 million a year so that more than 400 of its trains can use the Northeast Corridor, but Gov. Chris Christie wants to stop making the lease payment until he gets answers to maintenance questions after an April 3 derailment in Penn Station.
Christie wants NJ Transit inspectors to look at the tracks with federal and Amtrak officials and to have a voice in any procedural changes. That's after Amtrak CEO Wick Moorman said the derailment was caused by a bad wooden tie that officials knew needed replacement, but didn't consider an immediate problem.
Both sides are still talking. But, if the governor decides to stop writing the checks, can Amtrak cut-off NJ Transit? Here are five things to know.
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