Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yo, can I get my unfinished hoagie recycled in this town?

Frank Kummer writes for Philly.com

The NFL draft could draw up to 200,000 fans to Philadelphia this month for a three-day football gorge fest along the Ben Franklin Parkway.

And, because this is Philadelphia, they’ll want sandwiches and snacks. And, because it’s football, they’ll want beer.

That means thousands of pounds of food, thousands of gallons of drink — along with containers and cups to wrap and carry it all in— all sold by vendors lining the Parkway. About 168,000 fans were registered to attend as of March 31.

So where will all the waste go? And will the unsold food just get tossed?

The NFL says the Philly event will feature an ambitious amount of recycling, not only of trash but also of unused food and materials.

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