Friday, May 5, 2017

EP Podcast: #22 - Langan's Nick DeRose discusses the challenges of 'Emerging Contaminants' in our water

Our guest on Episode #22 is Nick DeRose, a managing principal at Langan, an international environmental engineering, science and consulting firm.

Nick discusses 'emerging contaminants' which is the term used
for a number of chemical compounds that are appearing in an alarming number of locations including public drinking water supplies, regionally and across the country.

These chemicals are believed by some to be toxic at very low levels (parts per trillion) and pose significant regulatory and technical challenges for governments, manufacturers and remediation firms that are charged with cleaning them up.

A one-day course at Montclair State University on June 8 will explore the topic in detail. Enviro-Events Calendar has the registration and info link

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Two of our most recent episodes addressed the contamination of public drinking sources at military bases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The chemical culprit in both cases was an 'emerging contaminant.'  

Episode 21 - Toxic water from military bases in Pa and NJ - Part 2

Episode 20 - Toxic water spreading from military bases in Pa and NJ

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