Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Exelon threatens to close Three Mile Island nuclear plant

Three Mile Island nuclear plant (AP Photo/Bradley C Bower)
Marc Levy reports for The Associated Press:
The owner of Three Mile Island, site of the United States' worst commercial nuclear power accident, says it will shut down the plant in 2019 without a financial rescue from Pennsylvania. 
Exelon Corporation says the announcement comes after five years of losses on the power plant in Dauphin County and its recent failure in an auction to sell Three Mile Island's power into the regional grid.  
The Chicago-based energy company wants the commonwealth to give nuclear power megawatts the kind of preferential treatment and premium payments that are given to renewable energies, such as wind and solar.  
Nuclear power plants have been hammered by the natural gas boom that has slashed electricity prices in competitive markets. 
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